15 Low Waste Date Ideas

Romance shouldn’t need to involve the gifting of material items it should be about time spent together. Instead of expensive or wasteful gifts, plan a fun date and spend time with the one you love! Here are a few low waste ideas for the perfect night together.

1.Live Music

Most of my favourite nights with my husband have centered around a concert. Not even the big fancy stadium ones but small intimate bands in a local bar are just as lovely. Find out if there is live music playing near you, or maybe that band you both love is coming to town. Either makes a great date night.

2. Picnic

This is slightly location dependent but any near by green space works just fine. It’s funny how eating outdoors changes the whole dining experience. Add a sunset and you have the perfect low-key evening. Don’t forget your reusable cutlery, napkins and water bottles!

3. Cooking Class

Unless you are a pro, I’m sure we can all learn a little something in the kitchen. Especially when it comes to cuisine from different parts of the world. I love experiencing new food with my husband. I also love new recipe ideas as I tend to fall back on my fail safe options. It’s fun to learn together and, BONUS you get to eat it too!

4. Beer/Wine Tasting

If you share a love of craft beer or wine there is likely a venue near you specializing in just that. Enjoy samples, conversation and often times horderves. Groupon often has discount packages for tours if you are wanting to keep your price point low.

5. Go Dancing

Dancing isn’t just for the college kids at the local club, there’s plenty of pubs and bars that have dance floors with people of all ages. They often have live music to boot. Make a night of it, if there are a few in one area do a walking pub crawl.

6. Game Night

Invite a few friends and ask everyone to bring their favorite board game. It’s a great, cheap evening of laughs and fun. If you don’t have any games at home, thrift shops always have a section of games and cards.

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7. Host a Murder Mysetry

The internet is full of printable murder mysteries for different group sizes. Or you could check your local thrift shop. We found a boxed set at a second hand store complete with a cassette recording. I can’t tell you the last time we laughed so hard.

8. Karaoke

Similar but not the same as a concert. For those who love to sing, or maybe whose partners love singing, it makes for a fun evening out. I once spent Valentine’s Day at the karaoke bar with my husband and two friends. I HATE singing but had a blast watching the three of them take turns hogging the microphone.

9. Catch a Game

Wherever you live, there’s likely some sporting event going on. Be it pre-season baseball, college football or a junior hockey game. You can spend the big bucks on pro tickets or enjoy a more modestly priced lower level game.

10. “Events Near Me”

Check out the ‘events near me” section of your Facebook. It is often full of free or fairly low budget local activities such as trivia night or board games at a local bar/pub. You never know who you might meet or what little local event you may discover.

11. Donate Blood

It’s always in need and if you are eligible it’s a great way to give back. Go together and make it a date, even bring friends along! Not sure where to start? Google blood donation locations in your area and call to make an appointment, or see if they have drop in times.

12. Farmer’s Market

The farmer’s market makes a great day date. Especially if you can walk there. Check out the local produce and artisan crafts. It’s a great way to get to know your community better too.

13. Volunteer

Take some time to do some good in your community together. A few that come to mind are the senior’s center, soup kitchen or animal shelter. Many of these places are looking for help, you never know, it could become part of your routine activities. Feel inspired? Check out our blog on giving back!

14. “Drop in ____”

No matter the sport, there is likely a drop in session near you. Try out something new like couples curling or pickle ball. A little google search will find you times and locations for whatever sport you may wish to try in your area.

15. Local Tourist

Most of us haven’t been to the local tourist attractions in our own town. Take a night and pretend to be visiting your town/city. What should you see, where should you eat? Take local transport, walk around and enjoy!

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What are your favorite low waste date Ideas? We are always looking for new ones. Let us know below.

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