A Comparison of Popular Milk Alternatives

For many people, that first (or that tenth) cup of coffee hits the spot. It’s warmth on chilly mornings or a soothing drink on tired afternoons. It’s flavorful and robust, and it’s a welcome habit for a lot of people. And even more individuals love that cup of coffee with a little bit of milk in it to give it even more creamy goodness. However, many people are trying to avoid traditional dairy products, either for health reasons, because they’re vegetarian, or because they don’t tolerate the lactose very well. Fortunately there are more and more options for them to add to their coffee that are dairy free.
    Take one well-known replacement: soy milk. It’s a little bit nutty and free of both lactose and gluten. However, it doesn’t steam as well as traditional dairy milk, so that may be a concern. What other products offer good options? This graphic explains them.

Guest Writer: Andy is a Chicago native who’s a surprisingly picky eater for working at the leading corporate catering company in the world. He enjoys Hefeweizens, TV binge sessions, and likes to shamelessly plug his pup @peanutgrams on Instagram.

Original post: https://zerocater.com/blog/2018/02/26/how-milk-alternatives-stack-your-cup/

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