Working to reduce your footprint often involves doing things yourself. Here are our best mending, fixing, upcycling and repurposing tips.

DIY Eco Camper Restoration

My husband and I are big into thrifting and DIY projects so when you combine the two we have the BEST time. Last summer we took on a camper renovation project which I have decided to share, in hopes it will inspire others to restore when possible. We love to remodel and DIY everything, it’s less wasteful and saves us money. A study done by The National Trust for Historic Preservation found that it is… Read More »DIY Eco Camper Restoration

Backyard Makeover, Second Hand Success

A backyard! After decades of living in apartments, my family and I (Earth Mama Heather) were moving countries, and had chosen a house with A BACKYARD. My imagination ran wild, dreaming up so many ways to use this space. Dinners outside, enjoying fresh air. Space for my daughter to play. Trees, plants, bugs, and birds that would visit our yard. I could barely contain myself with the options. Dreaming up possibilities, for me, is the… Read More »Backyard Makeover, Second Hand Success

5 Non Pinterest Worthy Ways to Upcycle

Many many times we have heard that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I bet that with this new challenge that we are all facing, staying inside, you too might be starting to see things this way.  The challenge is to get creative. So where is the first place that you visit when you want to get ideas?  I don’t know about you but for me it is Pinterest.  That is the number one… Read More »5 Non Pinterest Worthy Ways to Upcycle

Squeaky Green: From Toxic to Clean(er)

I can remember it well, I was pregnant with my first born and worried about EVERYTHING! I worried about what I ate, I limited my caffeine intake (not with my second baby), I felt every little twinge or cramp as if it was a warning. I pretty much followed every “rule’ given to pregnant women, which is quite an extensive list. I was super anxious about it all but that because it wasn’t my first… Read More »Squeaky Green: From Toxic to Clean(er)

10 Easy Ways to have an Eco-friendly Wedding

Planning a wedding is SO much fun! If you just rolled your eyes thinking about how costly, stressful or wasteful weddings can be, I get it. I totally get it. Before my partner and I got engaged, we were worried about the same things, but once we decided that our wedding was going to reflect our values, we found it was pretty easy (and fun!) to plan our wedding just like we live our lives:… Read More »10 Easy Ways to have an Eco-friendly Wedding