Working to reduce your footprint often involves doing things yourself. Here are our best mending, fixing, upcycling and repurposing tips.

A Novice Navigates Backyard Composting : Just do it!

You’ve heard of composting. But maybe you are wondering why it’s such a big deal?  Why waste your time composting, when food is biodegradable? Shouldn’t we be worrying about plastic and recycling?  Well, the answer is yes, and actually we need to be worrying about all of it, but for now, let’s talk about composting. So Why Compost? Isn’t food biodegradable?  If that is what you are thinking you are not unlike many people.  I… Read More »A Novice Navigates Backyard Composting : Just do it!

Eco Home Renovations

I realize this post is only applicable to a certain audience: DIYers looking to renovate. That said, it is something my family worked really hard at and I thought it would be worth a share! Hopefully, if nothing else I can plant a seed for your own future projects and how you could do so more sustainably. Home renovations come at a huge cost to both the renovator and the planet. Think about all the… Read More »Eco Home Renovations

Earth Day Activities for Kids

We believe every day should be earth day! That is our mission as Earth Mamas, to work every day to reduce our environmental footprints. If you follow us on social media, you know that we post daily about little ways we are trying to be mindful and conscious of our consumption, waste and overall carbon footprint. But, we feel Earth Day calls for a little extra special attention. Especially as it is a way to… Read More »Earth Day Activities for Kids