Eco Conscious Consumers

Being conscious consumers is a very important component to sustainable living. Here we feature tips and tricks and products for consuming consciously.

Squeaky Green: From Toxic to Clean(er)

I can remember it well, I was pregnant with my first born and worried about EVERYTHING! I worried about what I ate, I limited my caffeine intake (not with my second baby), I felt every little twinge or cramp as if it was a warning. I pretty much followed every “rule’ given to pregnant women, which is quite an extensive list. I was super anxious about it all but that because it wasn’t my first… Read More »Squeaky Green: From Toxic to Clean(er)

No New Clothes For A Year

A year ago, I made a big, audacious promise, to not buy any new clothes for a whole year. I was propelled to make this promise because I had just been reunited with my clothes after six months of separation. They were in a shipping container for half a year, and I had gotten through those six months without hardship. I wrote about that experience and lessons learned in my post Living Through 3 Seasons… Read More »No New Clothes For A Year

MAMA CLOTH- Why YOU Should Make the Switch To Cloth Pads

Have you tried using a menstrual cup but were unsuccessful? Are you looking to make the switch to a more natural and environmentally friendly way to embrace your monthly cycle? Switching to cloth pads could be the perfect, healthy, holiday gift for yourself; as well as a great way to kick start 2020 in a greener way! You would also be supporting a small, eco-business. Win, win, win! Read our most recent guest writer post… Read More »MAMA CLOTH- Why YOU Should Make the Switch To Cloth Pads

Read, Listen, Watch, Follow: The Climate Change edition

Staying informed about environmental issues is critical. But it is also hard. There is an information overload about environmental issues available, which causes us to cry out:  How can we find well-researched information?  How can we avoid deliberately misleading information?  Can it be in a format that is easy to understand? We at Earth Mamas International feel how hard this is, and are starting a series called Read, Listen, Watch, Follow. We will share sources… Read More »Read, Listen, Watch, Follow: The Climate Change edition

16 Things to Look for Used Before You Buy New

“While thrift shopping is a prime way to play treasure hunt and score unique finds, it has another remarkable advantage: It’s a great way to lighten your carbon footprint.” Reader’s Digest Thrifting and sourcing out second hand or new-to-us items has become a habit for my family. I love saving money, the thrill of the hunt and it doesn’t hurt that it doesn’t hurt the earth either. I have gotten to the point where I… Read More »16 Things to Look for Used Before You Buy New