Eco Conscious Consumers

Being conscious consumers is a very important component to sustainable living. Here we feature tips and tricks and products for consuming consciously.

“Just One Shirt” (A Journey from Soil to Shop)

All our clothes have a past. Though they were bought under a sign that reads “Brand New!”, or in a style that the fashion magazines says is “The Newest Style”, the clothes that sit in our closets began their journey far away, and looking very different. The clothing stores and fashion websites don’t tell you much about the journey. The label tells you the country of origin, but does it tell you about factory in… Read More »“Just One Shirt” (A Journey from Soil to Shop)

Go Green With Your Bathroom Routine

My sustainable journey actually began in the bathroom of all places, odd because bathrooms are usually the smallest rooms in a home, however, if we are not careful the number of plastics and other waste created in our bathrooms can be quite substantial over time. When I became pregnant with my first child, I became slightly obsessed with making sure I was constantly making healthy choices. Thanks to Google and Pinterest, I started to become… Read More »Go Green With Your Bathroom Routine

Consuming vs Consumerism

Photo by Anna Dziubinska on Unsplash WHAT DO WE NEED? Some people say that advertising is an effective way of selling new products, and many people argue that its effectiveness brainwashes us into unnecessary spending. Others, however, disagree, saying that advertising can’t sell a product; it can only help to sell a product that people want to buy. My question is, how do people decide what object/product/device they need? How do we define NEED? After… Read More »Consuming vs Consumerism

Hippie Food Wraps

Why We Love Them Joleigh is a mom-preneur from Stony Plain, AB Canada. She has created her own local business, Hippie Food Wraps, and is working hard to reduce plastic waste! She makes homemade beeswax wraps using cotton, beeswax and tree resign. The ingredients are biodegradable and each wrap lasts about a year! Click the link below to read more and or send her a message to purchase yours. Joleigh and I first met on… Read More »Hippie Food Wraps