Everyday Living

Let’s talk about how every day choices you make can help our planet. There are so many simple and easy changes we can all make to our daily lives.

Youth Voice: The Real Change Makers

“Great changes in the destiny of mankind can be effected only in the minds of little children.” — Sir Herbert Read Children are our future!   I’m sure you’ve heard this before? Maybe in a speech, a song or a motivational quote on instagram. This rang especially true to me this Sunday when I took part in a march/protest for clean air in Monterrey, Mexico called Yo Respiro MTY. A previous blog post on Earth… Read More »Youth Voice: The Real Change Makers

(Grand)Mother Knows Best: 14 Things our Grandparents Did That We Should Bring Back

We aren’t sociologists and we certainly aren’t historians. So we aren’t exactly sure at what point in time our society switched from the mindset of the Great Depression where nothing should be wasted, to a lifestyle of consuming and convenience. But we all know someone from our childhood that really did want to REDUCE and REUSE. Long before these concepts were forgotten and RECYCLE was the buzzword. Seemingly a release of all environmental burden caused,… Read More »(Grand)Mother Knows Best: 14 Things our Grandparents Did That We Should Bring Back

My (Mostly) Meatless Month

I decided I wasn’t making any ‘resolutions’ this year as I hate when I inevitably slip up and I wonder why I made a resolution in the first place. This year, as Earth Mamas we made a goals for 2019 (click here if you want to check them out). Surprisingly, none of my goals were focused on eating less meat. So I am surprised to find myself nearing the end of February as a vegetarian.… Read More »My (Mostly) Meatless Month

Zero Waste Food

Guest Writer: Patricia @at.my.table (www.at-my-table.com) If that even possible? Can you really produce NO waste when it comes to food? The short answer…not really. But we can certainly aspire to be as low waste as possible when it comes to how we buy, prepare and discard our food. So the term ‘zero’ or ‘NO’ food waste is one that we should not get so hung up on, but rather our focus should be on doing… Read More »Zero Waste Food

A Breath of Fresh Air. How Plants Clean our Air

Yesterday, in Monterrey, Mexico, where a few of us Earth Mamas live and work, the overall Real Time Air Quality Index  was reading at 289 (pm10) or in other terms, as indicated on the website, VERY UNHEALTHY! This air quality reading fits into the second highest category of this index and on the higher end of that range where health warnings are of emergency conditions. See the chart below taken from the Air Quality Index… Read More »A Breath of Fresh Air. How Plants Clean our Air