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Let’s talk about how every day choices you make can help our planet. There are so many simple and easy changes we can all make to our daily lives.

“Food waste” recipes

One average Sunday, my husband and I were doing the food prep for the week. The usual clean-up of veggies, separating the parts we cooked with (kale leaves, beetroots, pepper outsides, herb leaves) from the parts we didn’t use (kale stems, beet leaves, pepper innards, herb stems, and tons of peels). Doing all the prep at once made it very clear that we were creating a lot of food waste, and that didn’t sit well… Read More »“Food waste” recipes

Greening up your Menu, How to Eat More Plant Based in 5 easy Steps!

When the new Canada Food Guide was released, it seemed to be everywhere. Everyone sharing it on social media and all over the news, I even noticed it hit international news with an article in BBC news.  Why is this new food guide such a “hot” topic? What about it seems to be fuelling conversations all over Canada and worldwide? Canada Food Guide The new food guide is now represented by a plate as opposed… Read More »Greening up your Menu, How to Eat More Plant Based in 5 easy Steps!

Lessening the Environmental Toll of “Tidying Up”

As women who have all moved abroad at least once in our lifetime, each of us has experienced that act of tidying up on a full home scale. We have gone through the process of completely emptying our home, deciding which items were necessary or “brought joy” and which could be left behind. We have experienced the incredibly freeing feeling of releasing so much STUFF from our lives and starting out fresh in a new-clutter… Read More »Lessening the Environmental Toll of “Tidying Up”

What is in My Zero Waste Bag

What are you carrying in your bag?  This is a question I am often asked.  As a mom, it is not easy to carry everything that you might need for your kids and for yourself.  Of course if you want to live a zero waste life there are a few necessities that you should carry in your bag to help you.  As I said before, it is all about celebrating your small successes and planning… Read More »What is in My Zero Waste Bag

Ditching Convenience How can we promote a less convenient life?

Guest Writer: Melinda K. MacKenzie – Kindergarten Teacher @ International School of Phnom Penh (ISPP) Convenience is defined as “being easy.”1 I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this word and how it’s influenced us to have incredibly entitled expectations in our lives. Our society praises, promotes and has brainwashed us with convenience, and with no regard for its future impact or environmental effects.I can’t help but wonder, why aren’t more people thinking about… Read More »Ditching Convenience How can we promote a less convenient life?