For Teachers

Five of the Earth Mamas are teachers, here are some of our best sustainable teaching and classroom tips.

A Teacher and Parent’s Guide to the 2019 Climate Strike

September 20, 2019 marks a very important event. As you may know,  the 2019 Global Student Climate Strike is this Friday. There is also a second general global strike the following Friday September 27. We have a responsibility to our students to prepare them for the future. That future is looking catastrophic at the rate humans are consuming and disposing of valuable resources. It is EVERYONE’s responsibility to take action and do what they can… Read More »A Teacher and Parent’s Guide to the 2019 Climate Strike

10 Things You Can Do Right Now To Be More Earth-Friendly: In The Classroom

Teachers, we hold an immense amount of power and as we mentioned in “A Teacher’s Call for Action”, it is our responsibility to teach our students about how to protect the environment. We spend an entire year with impressionable young minds working to teach them literacy, numeracy and of course citizenship. I have come to find that what you do matters, much more than what you say. They are watching. So if you come into… Read More »10 Things You Can Do Right Now To Be More Earth-Friendly: In The Classroom

A Teacher’s Call For Action

There wasn’t anything that I could do.  I was too late. As the old chip bag full of water flew through the air and landed into the ocean, horror flooded my body.  I was paralyzed. Had I just seen what I thought I had seen? Had I just witnessed an adorable little girl dressed in a neon green shirt and black leggings throw a piece of garbage purposefully into the ocean while her 5-year-old sister… Read More »A Teacher’s Call For Action

Earth Day Activities for Kids

We believe every day should be earth day! That is our mission as Earth Mamas, to work every day to reduce our environmental footprints. If you follow us on social media, you know that we post daily about little ways we are trying to be mindful and conscious of our consumption, waste and overall carbon footprint. But, we feel Earth Day calls for a little extra special attention. Especially as it is a way to… Read More »Earth Day Activities for Kids

Earth Friendly Easter Ideas

Easter seems to have morphed in Valentine’s day’s commercialized younger cousin.The stores are filled with carefully marketed plush toys and thousands of plastic wrapped chocolates, sound familiar? Easter adds on the baskets, plastic eggs and, probably the worst offender, plastic grass. Forgive yourself (as we have) for purchasing these items in the past. They are so beautifully coloured, conveniently placed at the front of every store you enter and well, chocolate just sells itself. But… Read More »Earth Friendly Easter Ideas