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Surviving the Pandemic Economic Hard Times

The news is grim. 16 million people unemployed in the States in just three weeks. Canadians lost 1 million jobs just in March. The Mexican economy could contract by 12%, and 75.2 million tourism workers worldwide have lost their jobs. For those lucky enough to still have a job, the uncertainty doesn’t end. Companies are cutting salaries to “spread the financial pain” across all its workers, rather than some feeling it more acutely with job… Read More »Surviving the Pandemic Economic Hard Times

Eco-friendly Lunch Ideas For Your Little Ones

Summer holidays will soon be over for my family. There are many things I enjoy about summer holidays, one thing I certainly have enjoyed is the break I get from packing lunches. I am sure I am not alone and that there are many other parents out there who also dread packing their children’s lunches on a daily basis. Packing lunches for myself and husband is no problem, however, packing lunches for my picky four… Read More »Eco-friendly Lunch Ideas For Your Little Ones

Free Food Sharing App to Reduce Food Waste

According to The World Counts webpage the food wasted by the United States and Europe alone could feed the world 3 times over.  Food production requires water. In the United States, food waste accounts for 25 percent of the country’s water use.  Throwing food away is like leaving the tap running in the country where the food was produced-and an increasing number of areas are suffering from water shortages.  It is important to understand that… Read More »Free Food Sharing App to Reduce Food Waste

Got “Milk” Alternatives with Recipes Included!

If you have been following Earth Mamas International then you might notice a trend or theme in our blogs, posts and updates. We are all about awareness and support towards living a more sustainable lifestyle.  Whether it be our own journey or the journey of our followers, we are always looking for new ways to help make this possible. One small change that has been proven to help reduce our carbon footprint, is by substituting… Read More »Got “Milk” Alternatives with Recipes Included!

Bulk Buys: A Quest for a Package Free Pantry

I can’t pinpoint exactly how I came across to zero-waste shopping or this trend of “zero-wasters” but I do remember noticing it popping up everywhere on my social media accounts.  Maybe it was the people I was following or the algorithms lead me to it, but I was intrigued. I have to admit I was drawn in by the aesthetic of the pictures of neat pantries all lined with perfect glass jars filled with dried… Read More »Bulk Buys: A Quest for a Package Free Pantry