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Together we are better! Here we feature articles from amazing collaborators on all things sustainable.

Sip and Swap Success

Guest Writer: Mimi Mendoza is a teacher and good friend of the Earth Mamas. She tell us all about hosting a clothing swap for friends! “Less stuff, but good stuff” Thanks for the inspiration Earth Mamas International! It has been a couple months since 7 amazing ladies and I got together for a Sip and Swap. I have been enjoying my “new” clothes without any guilt of spending money or being wasteful. Now, I feel… Read More »Sip and Swap Success

No Seas Waste Challenge (Spanish & English)

(Scroll down for English Translation) Escritora Invitada: Charlotte Brum Bezié de @noseaswaste nos cuenta de su camino a abrir No Seas Waste y el reto que hizo para que otros pueden hacer una diferencia en el mundo. Hola, me llamo Charlotte Brum Bezié, soy una orgullosa Mexicana de 24 años y siempre he estado enamorada de la naturaleza, desde chiquita me gustaba acampar y posiblemente por eso soy tan consciente del daño que le estamos… Read More »No Seas Waste Challenge (Spanish & English)

The Earth Mama Baby Shower Challenge

Guest Writer: Karen Callahan, Mama and Teacher at ISKL As many middle age women from around the world can contest, we love to celebrate a baby, a wedding and the occasional divorce. No matter the country these festivities include food, decorations, and presents. I am more than guilty of a big store-think Target or Party City my American friends- run to build an ideal ambiance for twenty of my favorite friends. There are color coordinated… Read More »The Earth Mama Baby Shower Challenge

Nurturing Sustainability in Childhood

Guest Writer: Cheryl Magyar. She is a sustainable life designer and mom to one homeschooled, creative daughter. Together with her husband, they share their wisdoms of living sustainably at ForestCreekMeadows. “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” – American Indian proverb Wiser words have never been spoken about the future of sustainable life on our blue planet, yet it is a statement that is easy to forget when we… Read More »Nurturing Sustainability in Childhood

Zero Waste Food

Guest Writer: Patricia ( If that even possible? Can you really produce NO waste when it comes to food? The short answer…not really. But we can certainly aspire to be as low waste as possible when it comes to how we buy, prepare and discard our food. So the term ‘zero’ or ‘NO’ food waste is one that we should not get so hung up on, but rather our focus should be on doing… Read More »Zero Waste Food