Holidays & Events

The earth needs us all 365 days of the year! Find out how we consciously celebrate using earth friendly substitutions.

A Less Waste Kid’s Birthday Party

Did you know that average child’s birthday party can cost from  $300 to 1,000’s of dollars? I am not what you call the crafty type or creative at ALL. So, when I started to think about my little boy turning two and his birthday party, thinking about having a less wasteful birthday party, actually lessened my stress. I knew I didn’t want to spend much and I wanted it to be less waste.  The toughest… Read More »A Less Waste Kid’s Birthday Party

I Hate to Burst Your Balloon… But There Are Greener Ways To Celebrate

As the year is quickly wrapping up, I took some time to reflect on a small change I made for our planet during 2018. I started to become more conscious about how wasteful group celebrations can be. I started to try and make small changes to cut down on plastic and other unnecessary waste when hosting a party. Being an elementary school teacher means that I celebrate about 20 birthdays in my classroom each school… Read More »I Hate to Burst Your Balloon… But There Are Greener Ways To Celebrate

Oh Christmas tree, how “green” is your tree?

Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without the tree, of course. They come in all shapes and sizes. From the small, “minimalist” charlie brown tree to the epic, towering giants full of sparkling bows and oversized ornaments. Whatever type of tree it may be, I think we can all agree, that it adds that little touch of magic to your home.   I remember laying under our Christmas tree as a kid, with my sister,… Read More »Oh Christmas tree, how “green” is your tree?

Rethinking Wrapping

I love Christmas. The smells, the songs, the cold weather (not here in Malaysia but whatever) and most importantly the memories of time spent with family. For me, unfortunately, it’s molded into something much more than this, literally.  And when I say more, I mean stuff more. At times Christmas can feel like a competition. Which honestly, boils down to the who ends up with the most amount of gifts they will use for a… Read More »Rethinking Wrapping

No New Gifts

This Christmas we’re doing things a little differently: Our New Christmas Gifting Rules -Home madeOr-Second Hand I’d like to start out by stating that my family is incredible for indulging me and agreeing to a new set of gift giving rules. I would also like to mention that we did not start out with the rules and abandon western gift giving traditions “cold turkey”. Though, if you like this idea, I don’t see why you… Read More »No New Gifts