Earth Day Activities for Kids

We believe every day should be earth day! That is our mission as Earth Mamas, to work every day to reduce our environmental footprints. If you follow us on social media, you know that we post daily about little ways we are trying to be mindful and conscious of our consumption, waste and overall carbon footprint. But, we feel Earth Day calls for a little extra special attention. Especially as it is a way to get more people involved and thinking sustainably. We pooled our thoughts together and compiled a quick list of kid-friendly activities for parents and teachers that can be done at home, school and in the community. Hopefully one of them inspires you!

At Home or School

Photo by Juan Di Nella on Unsplash
  • Power Down

Challenge yourselves to use as little power and water as possible. Take as short a shower as you can, leave the lights off, unplug from technology. Combining these challenges makes an easily attainable environmental goal.

If you want to increase the challenge, look at an electricity bill and try to get it down by a couple dollars. Some suggesting include by unplugging EVERYTHING when not in use and making a checklist/goal to take 5 minute showers.

  • Upcycling an Old-tshirt into a tote bag

This little activity doesn’t take any sewing skills and is great for kids! All you need is an old shirt and a pair of scissors. Earth Mama Charlotte does this every year with her fourth grade students. Check out this 30 second tutorial on how to DIY your shirt into a grocery tote bag. Think of how excited they will be the next time they head to the grocery store, they’ll be sure to remember the reusable bag that they made!

  • Recycled Potted Plant

This can be done with your own kids, or teachers can do this with their class. I plant to

do it with my first grade students and tie it to our science unit on the needs of plants and our social studies unit on community. All you need is a recycled container, a few craft supplies, soil and seeds. See the video for a “how-to” tutorial.

Photo by Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash
  • Make an Upcycled Art Piece

Use recycled materials to make an art piece. Use single use plastics to make signs around school or your home as reminder to recycle or avoid single use plastics. Check out this site to find more easy craft ideas like making new crayons out of old ones and creating mazes out of little pieces of plastic you find around the house! We all have those little bits around the house, collect them (have your kids help you) and make a maze out of them!

  • Watch a Video & Discuss or Make an Action Plan

Some of us are fortunate enough not to be exposed to the massive amounts of plastic trash that plagues our Earth.  Visuals can be very powerful tool for kids to help them understand and conceptualize a concept.

Check out some of these videos to spark some conversation!

In your Community:

  • Write a letter/e-mail for change

Kids love to write when they have an audience and a purpose. Brainstorm together local places that could make a small change to be more eco friendly (ex. Allowing customers to bring their own cup, setting up a system to ‘tare’ reusable containers for bulk purchases instead of using the little plastic bags, encouraging a grocery store to ban plastic bags, asking a restaurant to stop offering plastic straws, etc). Kids voices can and do make a difference in communities, help empower them to cause change!

  • Organize a Clothing Swap Swap Meet

It can be amongst a group of friends, coworkers, sports team, etc. If everyone brings clothing or items they no longer need to the event you can “shop” for new to you items. This will give your old items a new home. It will also keep people from buying new if they can get the item second hand! It’s also a great reason to get together and enjoy time with community members.

Photo by Brian Yurasits on Unsplash
  • Community clean up

This can be done in a big group or all by yourself. Head to a local park, playground or area that has litter. Bring a bag with you and pick up as much trash as you can.

  • Leave “Green” Notes around your community

Take a stroll around your neighborhood with sidewalk chalk and leave friendly reminders to be a green citizen (ex. buy second hand, turn off your lights, don’t forget your reusable bags, etc.)

Photo by Nikoline Arns on Unsplash
  • Attend a tree-planting event

Find out if your community holds a tree-planting event or start your own! You don’t have to organize a big event, it can be in your own, with your friends or just with your family.  It could become a great tradition.

How will you celebrate Earth Day? Let us know in the comments of on social media!

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