Earth Friendly Easter Ideas

Easter seems to have morphed in Valentine’s day’s commercialized younger cousin.The stores are filled with carefully marketed plush toys and thousands of plastic wrapped chocolates, sound familiar? Easter adds on the baskets, plastic eggs and, probably the worst offender, plastic grass. Forgive yourself (as we have) for purchasing these items in the past. They are so beautifully coloured, conveniently placed at the front of every store you enter and well, chocolate just sells itself. But as we have consciously started our journey of reducing our eco footprints, these marketing schemes have begun bothering us on a whole new level. We used to feel guilty knowing we really didn’t need to spend the money. Now we feel shame knowing we also didn’t need to contribute more waste by purchasing these needless items. So if you, like us, already have the plastic eggs and basket full of fake grass: DON’T throw it out! That would be wasteful, instead use it. Then save it and use it again next year. Just don’t go and buy any more. If you are interested in a few ways to have a less wasteful easter, we have compiled a quick list of ideas that are kind to the planet:


Use what you have

Reuse last year’s Easter stuff (easter baskets, plastic easter eggs). Take a look through any craft drawers you may have, you never know what you already own that could easily be made into cute easter decor. There are several cute ideas for eco friendly Easter Crafts at Crafting a Green World.

Flowers & Plants

Spring is naturally beautiful, fill your house with plants and flowers instead of pastel plastic items. Reuse jars for vases. It makes for a cute country feel.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
DIY Easter Basket

Why not skip the store bought basket and try making a nest using twigs. There is a great tutorial on Make and Do Crew that just involves twigs, water and a little twine.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Eco Hunt Ideas

  • If you already have baskets or eggs, reuse them
  • Place bulk (not individually wrapped) candies or dried fruit in the eggs
  • Make papier-mache eggs out of egg cartons to hide for the hunt.
    • Check out the link for a how to on making papier-mache eggs

Egg Dyeing

Use Natural Dyes

This isn’t vegan as it involves eggs, however you can skip the harsh dye and use
natural dyes. They come out beautifully, check out this link on how to make DIY natural

Vegan Alternatives

This link has cute alternatives to using eggs for dyeing including wood, salt dough, fabric and papier-mache.

The Easter Bunny Basket

Bulk candies

Save the waste of packaged candies without skipping on the fun easter colors. Just bring your own container and avoid individually wrapped candies as they defeat the purpose!

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash
A Book

Books can be enjoyed together and they last far longer than candies or junky toys, not to mention they are easily passed on when kids outgrow them. If you want to be extra conscious buy second hand!

Sidewalk chalk

This isn’t the first eco idea that comes to mind but while I was walking through the store the other day this egg carton in the easter section caught my eye. It was egg shaped sidewalk chalk in a compostable carton!


The bunny could leave movie passes, or tickets to a sports event, play, concert, local amusement park, etc.

A plant

Kids love caring for other living things, what better way to get them in touch with earth
than through their own plant. I loved these in a recent easter display I saw as they came
in glass instead of plastic.

Consume Consciously

While the Easter Bunny can be a fun family tradition, the bunny doesn’t have to hurt the earth. Earth Mama Erika recently wrote about consuming vs consumerism and she lists several questions to ask yourself before buying something. It is likely that after some analysis most Easter items won’t make the cut. If you are going to buy, think about WHAT you are buying.  Is it sustainable? Eco friendly? Can it be reused? How much enjoyment will your child/the person get out of it?

What are some of your sustainable celebration ideas? We hope you have a Hoppy Easter!

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