Earth Mama 2020 Eco Goals

As Earth Mamas we have chosen to make goals instead of resolutions. Resolutions feel very absolute and sometimes discouraging if you make a mistake or get slightly off track. Sustainable living isn’t always easy and no one is perfect at it so we need to allow ourselves room for error and growth as we continue to work at reducing our environmental impact. Goals feel more achievable, something you can work towards and reassess if you aren’t getting the results you want. Last year we each chose something to start doing, something to stop doing and something to keep doing. We will share how it went, and our new start, stop and keep goals for 2020.

Earth Mama Clarrissa
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

The hardest 2019 goal for me was to stop caring what others think. Particularly when it comes to living a zero waste or less wasteful lifestyle, it can be challenging and sometimes things just feel weird. At this point though, I feel like it’s worth it enough that I don’t really care what other people think.  I think this was a hard one for me because it was a mindset change and not just something I had to physically do.  I’m still working on it but I think I have improved dramatically. Interesting how just trying to be better to the environment can be a catalyst to being a stronger person. I have continued to use my cloth wipes without a problem and  also try to convince EVERYONE I know to also use them instead of throw away wipes. Around April I FINALLY started my compost.  I had no idea what I was doing but I just went for it.  This year has definitely been a year of just doing.  I adjusted a few things and I am still learning but I did it and I love it.

Earth Mama Charlotte
(Monterrey, Mexico)

We have stopped buying the majority of our  cleaning products. We only use white vinegar, Castile soap and essential oils for most cleaning around the house. Two things I continue to buy is laundry soap and dish soap, however I buy biodegradable, natural soaps in bulk. But I would like to make my own in the future.

I have kept plastics out of my bathroom all year buying using shampoo bars and soap and making my own Castile soap and essential oil liquid soaps. We now only use bamboo toothbrushes and I bought myself a stainless steel razor. I still need to find a natural toothpaste that comes in a reusable container that I actually like.

I started using cloth diapers for my son a year ago and still continue to use them (unless we are on holiday). I will continue until he is potty trained. 

Earth Mama Erika

Reflecting on 2019, I feel really really successful with the plastic sponges. My dad brought us 10 luffas from Mexico to use! I still carry my reusable kit everywhere. I am about to add collapsible cups to the kit. Really proud of it! Another Mexican living in Singapore did not want her worm farm any more, so…. I got it for free and now I have a kitchen compost!

Earth Mama Lindi
(Monterrey, Mexico)

I loved setting eco-goals last year with Earth Mamas International. I cut food waste by making veggie scrap soup stock and kept up with buying local produce by supporting a local farmer and by searching for local items on grocery when possible. I also planted basil, rosemary and mint to cut back on dried herbs but having really used them much in my cooking. Looking forward to continuing on with these goals and adding some new goals for the New Year. 

Earth Mama Natalie
(Stony Plain, Canada)

In 2019 I made it my goal to stop buying new clothes. I am so happy I was able to source out almost all clothing items for myself or my daughter second hand. It has become the new normal for me to look for things used before I buy new and I plan to continue the habit. I also wanted to keep upcycling items with my sewing machine and while I didn’t do as much as I would have liked this year I still kept up mending clothes. My last goal was to start buying bulk. Sadly, this isn’t part of my weekly grocery routine as it’s not realistic. The bulk store is not near any of my local grocery stores. I do however stop when I can to refill and use the small bulk selection they have at my local grocery store as well.

Earth Mama Heather
(Monterrey, Mexico)

We didn’t start tracking items we lend out. We have kept up cloth diapering for awake hours. This has been a success. She is currently taking off diapers (oh toddlerhood) so we are wondering about a cloth pull-up while we transition to underwear. I have also avoided buying new clothes, but there were some replacement items that I needed.

What are your goals for 2020? What do you want to STOP, START and KEEP doing for our planet? Let us know below. We would love to follow up with you and see how it’s going.

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