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Why We Love Them

Joleigh is a mom-preneur from Stony Plain, AB Canada. She has created her own local business, Hippie Food Wraps, and is working hard to reduce plastic waste! She makes homemade beeswax wraps using cotton, beeswax and tree resign. The ingredients are biodegradable and each wrap lasts about a year! Click the link below to read more and or send her a message to purchase yours.

Joleigh and I first met on a blind mom date. Her parents knew my grandparents, and since we had both just given birth to our beautiful baby girls, they suggested we meet up. Over our daughters’ first year we would go for walks, coffee and swim dates with the girls. On one of our long walks, babes and dogs in tow, we began discussing our love for crafting. More importantly, however we talked about our passion for being good citizens of the earth. There planted a seed for the both of us. On one of our next mommy dates, Joleigh handed me a cloth wrap. She told me she was working on making reusable food wraps and this was her first prototype. She asked me to use it and give her feedback so that she could perfect the recipe. I was ecstatic, I had wanted to get my hands on one of these wraps for some time. I had debated making my own but didn’t want to go to the hassle of ordering the ingredients and potentially (likely-given my cooking skills) making the recipe incorrectly. She had done all the work, and a great job of it to boot. I still have my first wrap from her, and will be ordering more in the near future.Shortly thereafter Joleigh’s local business took off. She has developed quite a name for herself in our little town of Stony Plain, AB, Canada. We recently did a craft sale market together and I stood in awe as customer after customer lined up at our booth. Each one was waiting to talk to her, learn more and buy some wraps. She had multiple people specifically seeking out our table as they had heard of her wraps, or had already bought some and wanted more.

Her wraps come in three sizes; small, medium and large. They easily accommodate different produce, cheese, plates, bowls and serving trays. They mold with the heat of your hand, and stick to the surface after each repeated use. Washing instructions are strictly by hand with cold water and a little bit of dishsoap. The combination of ingredients acts similar to the skin of produce allowing the food to breathe, while maintaining their freshness. They can be used directly on produce and cheese without carrying the smell over with the next use. Beeswax is a natural antiseptic and therefore they are santiray for use and reuse. I even witnessed a food toxicologist purchase wraps from Joleigh, giving her stamp of approval on their “cleanliness” for repeated use. Along with her wraps Joleigh makes reusable sandwich wraps, snack sacks and produce bags. To top it all off Joleigh makes everything in her home and uses little packaging. If you would like to learn more or make a purchase, click the link below!

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