Read, Listen, Watch, Follow: The Climate Change edition

Staying informed about environmental issues is critical. But it is also hard. There is an information overload about environmental issues available, which causes us to cry out: 

  • How can we find well-researched information? 
  • How can we avoid deliberately misleading information? 
  • Can it be in a format that is easy to understand?

We at Earth Mamas International feel how hard this is, and are starting a series called Read, Listen, Watch, Follow. We will share sources of information that are factual, researched, and in a format that allows for understanding-on-the-go.

This edition focuses solely on climate change. All the sources are devoted to enhancing your understanding of the nuances of climate change. 

Spoiler alert: All these sources have different ideas and suggestions. This is why climate change is complex. The data shows that there are so many integral pieces to the problem, that solutions will need to be many-fold.

Read this book: We Are The Weather: Saving The Planet Begins at Breakfast by Jonathan Safran Foer

Climate change books tend to be written as straight-forward information. Jonathan Safran Foer’s latest nonfiction book (the first one was Eating Animals) is more of a winding narrative. If you want information to be woven into stories, context to be developed through anecdotes, and questions pondered like “why is it so hard for people to take action on climate change?” then We Are the Weather is your book. Foer is talented weaver of stories, and so you will learn about his grandmother’s escape from the Holocaust, his own strugglers with making life changes to combat climate change, and the hard facts about how future generations will suffer from climate change.

Where does the title come from? Foer’s suggestion is that people refrain from eating animals and their products until dinner time. While I think the solution to a complex-problem like climate change needs more than this, I think it is a good place to start.

Listen to this podcast: TILclimate 

The title stands for Today I Learned: Climate, and that’s exactly what this podcast is about. It is based out of MIT’s Climate Initiative. Experts and researchers talk about topics like planes, hurricanes, carbon pricing, geoengineering, how these topics are interwoven in climate change. With each podcast 12 minutes or less, you can learn a lot in a short period of time.

Watch this video: Nature Now with Greta Thunberg

This video was published almost two months ago. It is worth watching again, and again. This video combines two important approaches: reducing fossil fuel use (or eliminating it) and planting trees. Although some articles have stated planting trees should be enough on its own, scientists have since refuted that math, and restated the need for a holistic solution. 

Footnote: I would have preferred if they had cited their sources in the credits of this video.

Follow this person/organization: World Resources 

The Instagram account for the World Resources Institute. They give voice to the people most vulnerable to the effects of climate change, and share initiatives that are ongoing to fight those effects. Follow them to learn more about what is being done internationally and locally, and what you can do to #bethechange with climate change.

Earth Mamas Community: Help us all out! What sources of information have helped you understand climate change? What would you recommend people read, listen, watch or follow?

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