Sip and Swap Success

Guest Writer: Mimi Mendoza is a teacher and good friend of the Earth Mamas. She tell us all about hosting a clothing swap for friends!

“Less stuff, but good stuff”

Thanks for the inspiration Earth Mamas International! It has been a couple months since 7 amazing ladies and I got together for a Sip and Swap. I have been enjoying my “new” clothes without any guilt of spending money or being wasteful. Now, I feel even more grateful for my friends, and for the things I already have.

Here is the invitation I sent for our Sip and Swap:

Here’s what I did:

1. Take ALL of your clothes out of the closets and drawers and create one big pile on your bed. Only by creating one big pile are you able to see how much clothing you actually have. You will be shocked. By experiencing this shock, you will finally be able to decide what items are truly necessary for you. “Oh my! Whoa! Really? How do I have soooo much stuff?” These were the words I used each time I took out another armful of clothing out of my closet or emptied another drawer.

Every item of clothing on my bed

2. Really ask yourself, “Is this something you really want to take into your future?” As I picked up each piece of clothing I asked myself, “Does this bring me joy?” This question seemed silly at first, but it really did help me decide if I really wanted it anymore. After answering that simple question, I was able to add it to one of five piles: keep but try on first, swap, donate, for my nieces, and trash/upcycle.

3. Once everything was cleared off the bed. I literally tried on ALL the clothes in my “keep” pile. I wanted to make sure it still fits or it reminded me of why I don’t wear it anymore. Some of the reasons were, it didn’t fit right, it was not my style anymore, it looked old and worn or simply just a, “Nope.”

4. Then thoughtfully, I started putting my clothes back on hangers or in drawers. I tried to keep similar clothing all together. A section for dresses, skirts, shirts, pants, workout clothes, etc.

The clothing I wanted to keep.

This took me about 4-5 hours, obviously with many breaks and distractions. After this process I felt so relieved. This time, my piles were definitely bigger. I now have less stuff but, good stuff.

The Sip and Swap was a success! We enjoyed delicious snacks and wine, and lots of laughs.

After the Swap, we donated 3 big garbage bags full of clothes. It was donated to my maid, Mary. She has a big family with many sisters, nieces and daughters. She was so happy to share these great clothes with them, even her neighbours.

“My nieces” pile was a suitcase full and I sent it home with my mom back to Canada. I am happy to see that they will be wearing some of the dresses to their Proms and Graduations.

My sorted give away piles.

Since this experience I really have no urge to go shopping or go to a mall. I feel grateful for my new stuff by remembering who’s it was. I have also rediscovered some of my old favorites, which still fit!

Thanks again #earthmamasinternational I feel #environmentallyconcious by having #lesswaste having hosted a #clothingswap.

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