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A Teacher’s Call For Action

There wasn’t anything that I could do.  I was too late. As the old chip bag full of water flew through the air and landed into the ocean, horror flooded my body.  I was paralyzed. Had I just seen what I thought I had seen? Had I just witnessed an adorable little girl dressed in a neon green shirt and black leggings throw a piece of garbage purposefully into the ocean while her 5-year-old sister… Read More »A Teacher’s Call For Action

Navigating the Green Rabbit Hole

I haven’t really been on this “eco journey” very long, and yet it feels like forever. Most people don’t have a formal start date, it just begins with an interest in leaving the world a better place than you found it. For some it grows into certain habits, for others it truly becomes a lifestyle. For myself, well, it lead me to the Earth Mamas. We have officially been working together for 8 months. It… Read More »Navigating the Green Rabbit Hole