20 Tips to an Eco-friendly Summer

This winter felt eternal. Every time the weather would get sunnier or warmer, a few days down the weather forecast was gray and cold. I think the whole Northern Hemisphere is ready to get outside, get in the sun, and get together with loved ones. Every family has their sacred summer traditions: whether it be a beach vacation, a backyard barbeque, or just sitting in the backyard next to a pool. Without them, it just… Read More20 Tips to an Eco-friendly Summer »

New Baby Essentials for the Minimalist Mommy

The Panic The baby  industry is much like the wedding industry. The second companies slap “baby” in front of it or put it in the baby section, forget about it.  You pay three times what you should pay. At about 35 weeks pregnant, I started to panic. I had nothing for the baby and I needed EVERYTHING. All of a sudden, I was extremely overwhelmed by all of the stuff I just HAD to have.… Read MoreNew Baby Essentials for the Minimalist Mommy »

My (Mostly) Meatless Month

I decided I wasn’t making any ‘resolutions’ this year as I hate when I inevitably slip up and I wonder why I made a resolution in the first place. This year, as Earth Mamas we made a goals for 2019 (click here if you want to check them out). Surprisingly, none of my goals were focused on eating less meat. So I am surprised to find myself nearing the end of February as a vegetarian.… Read MoreMy (Mostly) Meatless Month »

Plastics, Playtime and Our Poor Planet

My son Vincent playing with one of his favourite toys, a wooden helicopter I purchased from a market in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. While growing up I remember that my mom and aunts always commented on how lucky I was to have so many toys. I was a privileged child that is for certain, but I don’t think I had an unreasonable amount of toys. However, compared to what both of my parents had when they… Read MorePlastics, Playtime and Our Poor Planet »

Zero Waste Food

Guest Writer: Patricia @at.my.table (www.at-my-table.com) If that even possible? Can you really produce NO waste when it comes to food? The short answer…not really. But we can certainly aspire to be as low waste as possible when it comes to how we buy, prepare and discard our food. So the term ‘zero’ or ‘NO’ food waste is one that we should not get so hung up on, but rather our focus should be on doing… Read MoreZero Waste Food »