Surviving the Pandemic Economic Hard Times

The news is grim. 16 million people unemployed in the States in just three weeks. Canadians lost 1 million jobs just in March. The Mexican economy could contract by 12%, and 75.2 million tourism workers worldwide have lost their jobs. For those lucky enough to still have a job, the uncertainty doesn’t end. Companies are cutting salaries to “spread the financial pain” across all its workers, rather than some feeling it more acutely with job… Read More »Surviving the Pandemic Economic Hard Times

Read, Listen, Watch, Follow: The Climate Change edition

Staying informed about environmental issues is critical. But it is also hard. There is an information overload about environmental issues available, which causes us to cry out:  How can we find well-researched information?  How can we avoid deliberately misleading information?  Can it be in a format that is easy to understand? We at Earth Mamas International feel how hard this is, and are starting a series called Read, Listen, Watch, Follow. We will share sources… Read More »Read, Listen, Watch, Follow: The Climate Change edition

Sustainable Phnom Penh

What do you think of when you hear Phnom Penh? Likely: But wait, that is not even Phnom Penh-it’s Siem Reap! Right country, wrong city.  When I moved to Phnom Penh just over a year ago I had no image at all in my mind. I had been to Siem Reap, but all I knew was that everyone told me “It’s totally different!” and it is. I knew that moving to a developing country would… Read More »Sustainable Phnom Penh

Zero Waste, September through December

How is it September already? If there is a month that sneaks up on you, it would be September. September signals the end of summer, and whether you mourn the end of long, warm days, or celebrate the return of the school year, one thing is for sure: September is the beginning of a lot. A lot of holidays. A lot of family gatherings. A lot of stuff. This post is to get you ready… Read More »Zero Waste, September through December

Equipping Our Eco Babies

The other day I was gazing down at my two year old, imagining who he’d grow up to be. Would he be the life of the party like his dad?  An architect? A dancer? A teacher like his mom? Regardless of the job he takes, I wondered if he would take care of the earth. As parents, we have a huge responsibility to mold our children into great people and for this Earth Mama, the… Read More »Equipping Our Eco Babies