A Teacher’s Call For Action

There wasn’t anything that I could do.  I was too late. As the old chip bag full of water flew through the air and landed into the ocean, horror flooded my body.  I was paralyzed. Had I just seen what I thought I had seen? Had I just witnessed an adorable little girl dressed in a neon green shirt and black leggings throw a piece of garbage purposefully into the ocean while her 5-year-old sister… Read More »A Teacher’s Call For Action

Equipping Our Eco Babies

The other day I was gazing down at my two year old, imagining who he’d grow up to be. Would he be the life of the party like his dad?  An architect? A dancer? A teacher like his mom? Regardless of the job he takes, I wondered if he would take care of the earth. As parents, we have a huge responsibility to mold our children into great people and for this Earth Mama, the… Read More »Equipping Our Eco Babies