8 Ways to Shrink Your Digital Carbon Footprint

The digital world feels limitless. Writing an email seems far less wasteful than mailing a letter and asking for an e-receipt sounds like a great paperless option. When it comes to image files, I frequently find myself taking 20 pictures of my daughter just to get that perfect light or capture a smile. Cloud-based storage has this insinuation of bottomless capacity. It reminds me of the filing cabinets in the movie Bruce Almighty that stretch… Read More »8 Ways to Shrink Your Digital Carbon Footprint

Earth Day Activities for Kids

We believe every day should be earth day! That is our mission as Earth Mamas, to work every day to reduce our environmental footprints. If you follow us on social media, you know that we post daily about little ways we are trying to be mindful and conscious of our consumption, waste and overall carbon footprint. But, we feel Earth Day calls for a little extra special attention. Especially as it is a way to… Read More »Earth Day Activities for Kids