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Squeaky Green: From Toxic to Clean(er)

I can remember it well, I was pregnant with my first born and worried about EVERYTHING! I worried about what I ate, I limited my caffeine intake (not with my second baby), I felt every little twinge or cramp as if it was a warning. I pretty much followed every “rule’ given to pregnant women, which is quite an extensive list. I was super anxious about it all but that because it wasn’t my first… Read More »Squeaky Green: From Toxic to Clean(er)

Cigarette Butts, an Environmental Hazard?

These pictures.  These are the cigarette butts collected during 10 and 20 minute beach cleanups by the beach.  It all happened July 2019. We were beyond excited to spend ten days in Da Nang, Vietnam.  I was expecting a very relaxing day close to the beach. To my surprise, this beach was full of cigarette butts, not a couple but a lot.  I was so sad to find this. As you would imagine, one of… Read More »Cigarette Butts, an Environmental Hazard?

Navigating the Green Rabbit Hole

I haven’t really been on this “eco journey” very long, and yet it feels like forever. Most people don’t have a formal start date, it just begins with an interest in leaving the world a better place than you found it. For some it grows into certain habits, for others it truly becomes a lifestyle. For myself, well, it lead me to the Earth Mamas. We have officially been working together for 8 months. It… Read More »Navigating the Green Rabbit Hole

Bulk Buys: A Quest for a Package Free Pantry

I can’t pinpoint exactly how I came across to zero-waste shopping or this trend of “zero-wasters” but I do remember noticing it popping up everywhere on my social media accounts.  Maybe it was the people I was following or the algorithms lead me to it, but I was intrigued. I have to admit I was drawn in by the aesthetic of the pictures of neat pantries all lined with perfect glass jars filled with dried… Read More »Bulk Buys: A Quest for a Package Free Pantry

Greening up your Menu, How to Eat More Plant Based in 5 easy Steps!

When the new Canada Food Guide was released, it seemed to be everywhere. Everyone sharing it on social media and all over the news, I even noticed it hit international news with an article in BBC news.  Why is this new food guide such a “hot” topic? What about it seems to be fuelling conversations all over Canada and worldwide? Canada Food Guide The new food guide is now represented by a plate as opposed… Read More »Greening up your Menu, How to Eat More Plant Based in 5 easy Steps!