Sustainable Ways to Dress your Bump

In a world that revolves around fast fashion it can seem “revolutionary” not to participate. My Facebook and Instagram are currently littered with maternity clothing advertisements. Each one at shamefully low prices with captions such as “save 20% on cute tees”. They are stylish and affordable, but all fast fashion comes with a hidden cost. The documentary The True Cost breaks down the environmental toll and human rights violations created by the fast fashion industry.… Read More »Sustainable Ways to Dress your Bump

“Just One Shirt” (A Journey from Soil to Shop)

All our clothes have a past. Though they were bought under a sign that reads “Brand New!”, or in a style that the fashion magazines says is “The Newest Style”, the clothes that sit in our closets began their journey far away, and looking very different. The clothing stores and fashion websites don’t tell you much about the journey. The label tells you the country of origin, but does it tell you about factory in… Read More »“Just One Shirt” (A Journey from Soil to Shop)