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Navigating the Green Rabbit Hole

I haven’t really been on this “eco journey” very long, and yet it feels like forever. Most people don’t have a formal start date, it just begins with an interest in leaving the world a better place than you found it. For some it grows into certain habits, for others it truly becomes a lifestyle. For myself, well, it lead me to the Earth Mamas. We have officially been working together for 8 months. It… Read More »Navigating the Green Rabbit Hole

The lessons I learned about hosting an eco-friendly birthday party

Guest Writer Imelda Achieng is an eco influencer, mom to adorable Zoe and new found friend to the Earth Mamas. She is a blogger as well, and has an amazing Instagram feed. Check her out @theecomum and https://meltheecomum.co.uk! I felt so nostalgic as I was planning Zoe’s first birthday party. Right about the same time last year, I was almost due to give birth and I had just declared that I was going to be… Read More »The lessons I learned about hosting an eco-friendly birthday party

Earth Friendly Easter Ideas

Easter seems to have morphed in Valentine’s day’s commercialized younger cousin.The stores are filled with carefully marketed plush toys and thousands of plastic wrapped chocolates, sound familiar? Easter adds on the baskets, plastic eggs and, probably the worst offender, plastic grass. Forgive yourself (as we have) for purchasing these items in the past. They are so beautifully coloured, conveniently placed at the front of every store you enter and well, chocolate just sells itself. But… Read More »Earth Friendly Easter Ideas

The Earth Mama Baby Shower Challenge

Guest Writer: Karen Callahan, Mama and Teacher at ISKL As many middle age women from around the world can contest, we love to celebrate a baby, a wedding and the occasional divorce. No matter the country these festivities include food, decorations, and presents. I am more than guilty of a big store-think Target or Party City my American friends- run to build an ideal ambiance for twenty of my favorite friends. There are color coordinated… Read More »The Earth Mama Baby Shower Challenge