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Low Waste Indoor Activities for Kids

If you, like us, have found yourself parenting in a quarantine situation you might be running shy on new ways to keep little ones occupied. This is an unprecedented time, and for many, we understand there isn’t time to make cute projects and organize family games. While some of us are working from home others are still working outside the home. However, we also know that there are families looking for additional fun ideas while… Read More »Low Waste Indoor Activities for Kids

15 Low Waste Date Ideas

Romance shouldn’t need to involve the gifting of material items it should be about time spent together. Instead of expensive or wasteful gifts, plan a fun date and spend time with the one you love! Here are a few low waste ideas for the perfect night together. 1.Live Music Most of my favourite nights with my husband have centered around a concert. Not even the big fancy stadium ones but small intimate bands in a… Read More »15 Low Waste Date Ideas

Navigating the Green Rabbit Hole

I haven’t really been on this “eco journey” very long, and yet it feels like forever. Most people don’t have a formal start date, it just begins with an interest in leaving the world a better place than you found it. For some it grows into certain habits, for others it truly becomes a lifestyle. For myself, well, it lead me to the Earth Mamas. We have officially been working together for 8 months. It… Read More »Navigating the Green Rabbit Hole

Eco-friendly Lunch Ideas For Your Little Ones

Summer holidays will soon be over for my family. There are many things I enjoy about summer holidays, one thing I certainly have enjoyed is the break I get from packing lunches. I am sure I am not alone and that there are many other parents out there who also dread packing their children’s lunches on a daily basis. Packing lunches for myself and husband is no problem, however, packing lunches for my picky four… Read More »Eco-friendly Lunch Ideas For Your Little Ones

The lessons I learned about hosting an eco-friendly birthday party

Guest Writer Imelda Achieng is an eco influencer, mom to adorable Zoe and new found friend to the Earth Mamas. She is a blogger as well, and has an amazing Instagram feed. Check her out @theecomum and https://meltheecomum.co.uk! I felt so nostalgic as I was planning Zoe’s first birthday party. Right about the same time last year, I was almost due to give birth and I had just declared that I was going to be… Read More »The lessons I learned about hosting an eco-friendly birthday party