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Earth Mama 2020 Eco Goals

As Earth Mamas we have chosen to make goals instead of resolutions. Resolutions feel very absolute and sometimes discouraging if you make a mistake or get slightly off track. Sustainable living isn’t always easy and no one is perfect at it so we need to allow ourselves room for error and growth as we continue to work at reducing our environmental impact. Goals feel more achievable, something you can work towards and reassess if you… Read More »Earth Mama 2020 Eco Goals

New Year, New Kitchen: No More Paper Towel

The other day I turned around and my 13 month old daughter was wiping her high chair down with a reusable kitchen cloth I’ve sewn. Not once have I explicitly done anything that would lead her to do this. Nonetheless she had, on her own, walked over to where I keep the in-use towels, pulled it off the handle and walked over to her high chair to clean it. Instantly I was hit with the… Read More »New Year, New Kitchen: No More Paper Towel

The Earth Mamas’ 2019 Stop, Keep & Starts (#GOALS)

Happy New Year! As a new year begins and another comes to a close, we inevitably reflected on our actions this past year. While there is always room for improvement, we wanted to think about what we are already doing for the earth and consciously choose to keep doing those things. Instead of making resolutions this year, we decided to make goals. Resolutions feel so inflexible and are often quickly abandoned at first blunder or… Read More »The Earth Mamas’ 2019 Stop, Keep & Starts (#GOALS)