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Plastics, Playtime and Our Poor Planet

My son Vincent playing with one of his favourite toys, a wooden helicopter I purchased from a market in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. While growing up I remember that my mom and aunts always commented on how lucky I was to have so many toys. I was a privileged child that is for certain, but I don’t think I had an unreasonable amount of toys. However, compared to what both of my parents had when they… Read More »Plastics, Playtime and Our Poor Planet

Hippie Food Wraps

Why We Love Them Joleigh is a mom-preneur from Stony Plain, AB Canada. She has created her own local business, Hippie Food Wraps, and is working hard to reduce plastic waste! She makes homemade beeswax wraps using cotton, beeswax and tree resign. The ingredients are biodegradable and each wrap lasts about a year! Click the link below to read more and or send her a message to purchase yours. Joleigh and I first met on… Read More »Hippie Food Wraps