Recycling? Should I do it? Am I doing it right?

Hi! Some of you might know that all of us Earth Mamas live in different places in the world.  I am Erika Ugarte, a mexican currently living in Singapore. I have been living here for a year now and every time I talk to someone about Singapore they mention Semakau Landfill.  Well, long story short, it was 1999 when the singporean government observed the problem of not having enough landfills to dump their trash and… Read More »Recycling? Should I do it? Am I doing it right?

20 Tips to an Eco-friendly Summer

This winter felt eternal. Every time the weather would get sunnier or warmer, a few days down the weather forecast was gray and cold. I think the whole Northern Hemisphere is ready to get outside, get in the sun, and get together with loved ones. Every family has their sacred summer traditions: whether it be a beach vacation, a backyard barbeque, or just sitting in the backyard next to a pool. Without them, it just… Read More »20 Tips to an Eco-friendly Summer

Lessening the Environmental Toll of “Tidying Up”

As women who have all moved abroad at least once in our lifetime, each of us has experienced that act of tidying up on a full home scale. We have gone through the process of completely emptying our home, deciding which items were necessary or “brought joy” and which could be left behind. We have experienced the incredibly freeing feeling of releasing so much STUFF from our lives and starting out fresh in a new-clutter… Read More »Lessening the Environmental Toll of “Tidying Up”

Ditching Convenience How can we promote a less convenient life?

Guest Writer: Melinda K. MacKenzie – Kindergarten Teacher @ International School of Phnom Penh (ISPP) Convenience is defined as “being easy.”1 I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this word and how it’s influenced us to have incredibly entitled expectations in our lives. Our society praises, promotes and has brainwashed us with convenience, and with no regard for its future impact or environmental effects.I can’t help but wonder, why aren’t more people thinking about… Read More »Ditching Convenience How can we promote a less convenient life?

The Earth Mamas’ 2019 Stop, Keep & Starts (#GOALS)

Happy New Year! As a new year begins and another comes to a close, we inevitably reflected on our actions this past year. While there is always room for improvement, we wanted to think about what we are already doing for the earth and consciously choose to keep doing those things. Instead of making resolutions this year, we decided to make goals. Resolutions feel so inflexible and are often quickly abandoned at first blunder or… Read More »The Earth Mamas’ 2019 Stop, Keep & Starts (#GOALS)