Backyard Makeover, Second Hand Success

A backyard! After decades of living in apartments, my family and I (Earth Mama Heather) were moving countries, and had chosen a house with A BACKYARD. My imagination ran wild, dreaming up so many ways to use this space. Dinners outside, enjoying fresh air. Space for my daughter to play. Trees, plants, bugs, and birds that would visit our yard. I could barely contain myself with the options. Dreaming up possibilities, for me, is the… Read More »Backyard Makeover, Second Hand Success

Surviving the Pandemic Economic Hard Times

The news is grim. 16 million people unemployed in the States in just three weeks. Canadians lost 1 million jobs just in March. The Mexican economy could contract by 12%, and 75.2 million tourism workers worldwide have lost their jobs. For those lucky enough to still have a job, the uncertainty doesn’t end. Companies are cutting salaries to “spread the financial pain” across all its workers, rather than some feeling it more acutely with job… Read More »Surviving the Pandemic Economic Hard Times