Woman online shopping with credit card

Pondering Purchases During A Pandemic

It’s so tempting. We’re bored, we have much more time on our hands than usual and buying things just makes us feel better. There is a reason it’s called retail therapy.  How many of you have gone online shopping for that perfect dress and even thought to yourself well, no one will see me in it and I am not going to work but I can just wear it around the house?  I too feel… Read More »Pondering Purchases During A Pandemic

Plastics, Playtime and Our Poor Planet

My son Vincent playing with one of his favourite toys, a wooden helicopter I purchased from a market in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. While growing up I remember that my mom and aunts always commented on how lucky I was to have so many toys. I was a privileged child that is for certain, but I don’t think I had an unreasonable amount of toys. However, compared to what both of my parents had when they… Read More »Plastics, Playtime and Our Poor Planet

Repurposing to Make Your Own Water Table

As a new parent, or a parent at all, it can be tempting to get the latest and greatest of every toy out there. Or,  if you are like me, you don’t want the latest and greatest but maybe just a variety as well as what you might think they really need in order to be a “well balance kid”.  Maybe it’s something educational or an instrument or we can’t forget, something that supports those… Read More »Repurposing to Make Your Own Water Table