Cigarette Butts, an Environmental Hazard?

These pictures.  These are the cigarette butts collected during 10 and 20 minute beach cleanups by the beach.  It all happened July 2019. We were beyond excited to spend ten days in Da Nang, Vietnam.  I was expecting a very relaxing day close to the beach. To my surprise, this beach was full of cigarette butts, not a couple but a lot.  I was so sad to find this. As you would imagine, one of… Read More »Cigarette Butts, an Environmental Hazard?

Rethinking Reusable Diapers

I am going to be honest, my son, Vincent, is 18 months old and I just started using reusable diapers on him about four months ago. I am very new to the reusable diaper scene, but I wanted to share my short journey and perhaps inspire others to give reusable diapers a try. When I had my first child over four years ago, I fully intended to use reusable diapers because I knew that they… Read More »Rethinking Reusable Diapers

No Seas Waste Challenge (Spanish & English)

(Scroll down for English Translation) Escritora Invitada: Charlotte Brum Bezié de @noseaswaste nos cuenta de su camino a abrir No Seas Waste y el reto que hizo para que otros pueden hacer una diferencia en el mundo. Hola, me llamo Charlotte Brum Bezié, soy una orgullosa Mexicana de 24 años y siempre he estado enamorada de la naturaleza, desde chiquita me gustaba acampar y posiblemente por eso soy tan consciente del daño que le estamos… Read More »No Seas Waste Challenge (Spanish & English)