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Enjoy the Eco Experience with Others

First of all CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have started your eco friendly path and that is amazing.  Even if reading this article is your first attempt, I have to say, this is a conscious move towards helping our planet earth, and that is amazing.  You have become an “eco warrior”! You have opened the possibilities to embrace change, make better choices in your life and that is something to be proud of. I would like to share… Read MoreEnjoy the Eco Experience with Others »

Earth Friendly Easter Ideas

Easter seems to have morphed in Valentine’s day’s commercialized younger cousin.The stores are filled with carefully marketed plush toys and thousands of plastic wrapped chocolates, sound familiar? Easter adds on the baskets, plastic eggs and, probably the worst offender, plastic grass. Forgive yourself (as we have) for purchasing these items in the past. They are so beautifully coloured, conveniently placed at the front of every store you enter and well, chocolate just sells itself. But… Read MoreEarth Friendly Easter Ideas »

Zero Waste Food

Guest Writer: Patricia ( If that even possible? Can you really produce NO waste when it comes to food? The short answer…not really. But we can certainly aspire to be as low waste as possible when it comes to how we buy, prepare and discard our food. So the term ‘zero’ or ‘NO’ food waste is one that we should not get so hung up on, but rather our focus should be on doing… Read MoreZero Waste Food »

What is in My Zero Waste Bag

What are you carrying in your bag?  This is a question I am often asked.  As a mom, it is not easy to carry everything that you might need for your kids and for yourself.  Of course if you want to live a zero waste life there are a few necessities that you should carry in your bag to help you.  As I said before, it is all about celebrating your small successes and planning… Read MoreWhat is in My Zero Waste Bag »

New Year, New Kitchen: No More Paper Towel

The other day I turned around and my 13 month old daughter was wiping her high chair down with a reusable kitchen cloth I’ve sewn. Not once have I explicitly done anything that would lead her to do this. Nonetheless she had, on her own, walked over to where I keep the in-use towels, pulled it off the handle and walked over to her high chair to clean it. Instantly I was hit with the… Read MoreNew Year, New Kitchen: No More Paper Towel »