Together We Are Better: How Earth Mamas International Began

Everyone is on their own eco journey and it all started somewhere. For us, we all began on our own paths that then had the happy fate of joining together. As Earth Mamas International approaches our one year anniversary, I’d like to share with you how our journey together, began.

Good ideas are common – what’s uncommon are people who’ll work hard enough to bring them about.

Ashleigh Brilliant

It all started with an idea.

It takes me about 10 minutes to get to my classroom from my house and one of my favorite things to do on my way to work is to what’s app messenger (anyone else LOVE what’s app messenger??) my friends on the other side of the world.   As I was catching up with Earth Mama Natalie, (she was working on sewing children’s clothes out of second-hand clothes, which I loved) we started to talk about being Eco Concionsious mothers with toddlers.

All of a sudden, she suggested that I start a blog to share my ideas. I, of course, scoffed at the idea.  I am not a writer and really? What ideas? Natalie kept insisting that unless you spend a great deal of time with someone you have no idea the little things they do every day that make a difference – and we had spent a great deal of time living, working and traveling together. We noticed there were lots of eco bloggers out there trying to sell eco products, and of course the idea of perfect zero waste living. However, there weren’t too many blogs for everyday people who wanted to make quick, easy and everyday changes as moms. 

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Natalie and Clarrissa reunite after a year!

Our Idea

Our idea was to share our little eco successes and failures in hopes to inspire others to do what they can. Before we knew it, our tiny idea had grown.  We had brainstormed all the other Earth Mamas we knew, how each one of them had inspired us and we reached out! They felt the same way we did: the planet needs all the good we can do. 

Quote, together we are stronger, together we are unbroken, together we can do anything. -Rahul Singh

How We Know Each Other

Most of us knew each other BEFORE children.  And as we all know, children change you. They change you and often times in ways you wouldn’t suspect.  For us Earth Mamas, our children is what has propelled us into wanting to be better and do better. Through Earth Mamas International we have been able to be there for each other in these early years of motherhood through the ups and downs. Often sharing what has worked for us and many times what has not.  It’s tough to be a parent and it’s easy to feel like you aren’t doing it right. So, as we have begun our idea of being moms who care about the planet, we have also just been moms who support each other.

Camping in the Huasteca Canyon -Monterrey, Mexico

So… how did we become 6 Earth Mamas?  It sounds more complex than it is. Where did we meet? Well, in short, Clarrissa, Natalie, and Charlotte all taught together in Monterrey, Mexico along with Lindi’s Husband. Then Natalie moved to Canada, Clarrissa to Malaysia and Erika to Singapore. Have we lost you yet? Clarrissa met Heather in Malaysia and taught with her for a year before Heather moved to Monterrey where she currently teaches with Charlotte and Lindi’s husband. We all know each other through international living and teaching though a few of us have never met in person. 


Regardless of how we met, what truly brought us together was the impressions we’d left on one another. We felt that each of us had the drive to do better for our planet. As many of us don’t live in our home countries we can’t protest, we can do little in our own governments and we can’t make changes in the government in the places we live in. So, Earth Mamas International is our way to share how ANYONE can make a change.

In life, impressions are a funny thing because we rarely know the impressions we have on other people until much later into knowing them and sometimes we never know.  You never know how your words and actions will impact someone else.

Ways We Have Inspired Each Other

Earth Mamas International Logo

Join Us!

We continue to try and grow our community and learn together. The more, the merrier. The earth needs all hands on deck! There are many ways to join our community, check us out on social media and join the conversation. Who has inspired YOU to be more green? Tell us about them. Celebrate them. Because, together we are better!

Sharing is Caring!

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